Popcorntime: The Best Movie Streaming App?

What is popcorn time?” Some of the readers might not know about what popcorn time is, and even if you do, I’m pretty sure most of you have the wrong notion about it. Popcorn time is popularly known as the ‘Netflix of pirates‘. It looks and works like Netflix or any other streaming service, with a really cool interface, but it is completely free movie platform. It is an application-based torrent client that has an integrated media player. I think everyone knows what torrent is and for what purpose people use it. So in layman terms,  popcorn time is that same torrent software with a pretty interface upfront.

Popcorn Time Interface As of 2019

popcorntime app


It was released in 2014 and got positive reviews from the US and UK. People compared it with Netflix because of its cool user interface, and the fact that it was completely free made it gain popularity which equaled that of Netflix’s. As their website states popcorn time is- ‘Developed by a bunch of geeks from all around the world‘. On March 2014, it was taken down by its original creators as there was serious pressure from the MPAA(Motion pictures Association of America). But since it was open-source software, it got forked and clowned. The application is still easily available on the Internet.

Is It Legal And Can It Be Trusted?

As I mentioned earlier, it might look like Netflix but it’s just a torrent client with a media player integrated. It downloads the file sequentially so that it can be shown through the media player while it is still downloading. So it works the same way as a torrent does! While you are using torrent to download something, you are both a downloader and an uploader(commonly known as a peer), even if you are uploading zero MB data, your pc info will be shared with all the peers.

There are companies that hire people to become peers to some files that are copyrighted and are being pirated. Your Info will also be shared on the network if you are using that file in popcorn time. The application also uses an inbuilt VPN that may (not sure) secure your info on the internet. Also, there a rare chance that your pc might get infected while streaming a file on popcorn time.

Popcorn Time Website & Application

It might look cool, and the free streaming app tag might make it a big deal but it cannot be trusted and it is very much illegal. Using popcorn time may not be illegal, but sharing a file is if you are sharing copyrighted content. Through popcorn time you may automatically be sharing copyrighted content.

There are other apps like popcorn time such as streamio, duckie.tv, couch potato which you might easily get on the internet. And yet these apps are not to be trusted and are illegal to some extent.

I would think one is more comfortable with the conventional watching on Netflix or Hotstar or Amazon video as watching something should be a relaxing experience and should be enjoyed without any hesitation. But still, if you want to try Popcorn time, you can get it on your PC, android, or ios.