Dr Fone Toolkit: Recovery of Deleted Videos And Photos In A Jiffy

Has it ever happened that you have clicked on the delete button and regretted instantly? Have you ever been trapped in a scenario where some of your important data on the smartphone has gone missing? As a solution to all these problems, Dr. Fone is the first and most reliable Android data recovery tool available for the users.

Dr. Fone Toolkit is a collection of all the software that is required for recovery, data transfer, device rooting, etc. The toolkit can be used to recover the lost data on any Android devices that might have been deleted accidentally using a Windows platform.

Features At A Glance

Dr. Fone Feature


The Dr. Fone toolkit can be used to perform free scans of the device memory to search for all the available content for recovery. However, the data stays protected when Dr. Fone is used. The device does not require rooting so as to get the advantage of the Dr. Fone application which is one of the best parts of this toolkit. The application can be used for selective recovery as well as extensive recovery of data. The toolkit is compatible with different scenarios and is compatible with almost all leading Android devices.

The toolkit shows its magic in case of deleted content, crashed device, locked phone, SD card issues, rooting problems, ROM flashing, recovery of data in case of physical damage to the phone or at times when the screen is unresponsive. The toolkit also grants the user access to the inaccessible data on the device and allows certain tweaks on the same. May it be factory reset error, corrupt update patch issues, accidental deletion of content, screen death, inaccessible backup or when the device is stuck in the reboot loop, Dr. Fone is the ultimate toolkit a user can turn to.

Compatability of The Dr. Fone Toolkit And Recoverable Files Type

Dr. Fone toolkit features extensive compatibility to a huge number of devices. The devices include all the leading brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Google, and every possible brand that one can imagine of.

The contents that can be recovered using the toolkit include contacts, audio files, messages, Whatsapp data and files, photos, documents, videos, call log records, etc. The users can make use of Dr. Fone’s toolkit to recover the lost data pertaining to all the above-mentioned types.

System Requirements

For the smooth functioning of Dr. Fone’s toolkit, the system that the user is using needs to meet certain requirements. Once the system requirements are satisfied, the toolkit can be unleashed to its maximum potential. The supported Operating systems include Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11 (El Captain), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6. The system needs to have a 1 GHz CPU which can be of 32 but or 64 bit along with a RAM of 256 MB and above.

The minimum hard disk space required for the installation of the Dr. Fone toolkit is 200 MB and the device from which the data needs to be recovered should be running on Android 7.0 or below. The toolkit helps the users to recover data in three different modes viz. by scanning the internal memory, by scanning the SD card and even in case the user has a broken Samsung phone.

Pricing of Toolkit

The users can go for a 30 day free trial period of the product before purchasing the same. If satisfied, the users can buy the toolkit for Android at prices starting from $39.95 and the toolkit for Android at prices ranging from $70. However, the prices vary as per the functions of the toolkit and the user can choose from them as per his requirements.

How To Recover Data Using Dr. Fone

1. Dr. Fone can be used to recover the lost Android data using a few simple steps. The following steps can be followed for getting the data that is lost or accidentally deleted from Android devices:

2.  On a Windows platform, Dr. Fone is downloaded from any trusted source and the application is installed. The application is launched and the ‘Recover’ option is selected from the screen that appears.

3. USB debugging is enabled on the smartphone and it is connected to the computer using a data cable. When the USB debugging is turned on, a screen pops up on the phone. When the user clicks on OK, the device is automatically recognized by the Dr. Fone application on the computer.

Dr Fone Debug


4. Then the application running on the desktop computer displays all the file types that are recoverable. The user needs to specify the file types before the applications start scanning for all the files that can be recovered of that type.


5. The application then provides two options viz. Scan for deleted files and Scan for all files. The latter is time-consuming but involves a thorough search. However, if the user has a rooted device, the scanning process will start automatically. The scanning needs to be started manually by the user by clicking on the Next option and the time to scan depends on the size of the storage of the device.


6. The scan results can be immediately obtained and the displayed items can be selectively clicked for the recovery process. Clicking on the Recover option restores the file on the device. The application can be used to recover contacts, photos, videos, etc. that are lost from the Android device.



Dr. Fone comes packed with some features that are crucial for survival in this digital world. Since accidental data deletion is one of the most recurring issues, the toolkit finds a great application in our everyday lives and tends to make our life much easier by providing the users with a lot of advanced features.