Create Apple ID For Free Without Credit Card

Be it Android or iOS, the real power of any Portable device resides in its ability to run a plethora of Apps. In Android, we have a very well-known Google Play store and iOS has App store as a powerhouse of Apps. Creating a Gmail account and accessing Apps isn’t a task you can brag off, as it’s absolutely free. But things get tedious when the same goes with iOS. Apple product like iPhone, iPad requires Apple ID for accessing any sort of media stuff like Apps, Music, ebooks.

There are certain products that have geo-restrictions and could be accessed from specific countries only. For that, you need to have a dedicated Apple ID for that very own country. Most of us who don’t like to expose or add credit card details and face problem while creating Apple ID for iTunes. The simple turnaround which could be done is creating Apple ID for free without using any credits card details.

This makes sure that you never get charged while making a purchase for any App, music or any product accidentally. you can create as many Apple IDs according to your needs.

So let’s take a different route and learn,  “How anyone can create Apple ID For free without needing a credit card or Paypal account”.

How to Create Apple ID For Free

The content displayed on iTunes is totally influenced by the region you are accessing. Though you get an option for specifying your own region and that could be selected from the options present at the bottom on iTunes. So, here is how the process goes:

Step 1: Open iTunes software on your Windows PC or MAC. If not available, you can download it from the given link. This is one to get things going smoothly.

Download itunes

Step 2: Now scroll at the bottom of the iTunes page and change your country for which you need Apple ID. In my case, I did it for India. Alternatively, you can select the flag of country at the right bottom corner.

Step 3: Now its time to surf the iTunes store. Select any free App to download, you actually need not download, but it’ll work as a walkthrough. In my case, I choose the Clash of Clans. Click on get.

apple ID free

Step 4: Now iTunes will prompt you to enter Apple ID credentials. Simply select Create New Apple ID (and it’s free)

Step 5: Enter your credentials like email ID, name, password and address and select payment option as None. This none was missing when trying to create Apple ID on iPhone or Ipad. Now it’s possible.

create itunes for free

Step 6: Verify your new account through link received at your mentioned email ID and enjoy your new Apple ID for Free. Now surf App stores for Apps, music, e-book, podcast and much more.

For creating an account on Itunes you need to meet the minimum age criteria which are 13+. If you ever enter age which is not acceptable, you’ll face error, no matter how many times you bang your head. Here is a simple tweak that will manage the issue for you. Press ( Ctrl + , ) and go to the advanced tab and choose reset cache. If using the Safari browser, you can reset the cache for that too. Now repeat the entire process from step 2.

Few FAQ About Free Apple ID

1. Can I create Apple For Free On iPhone Or iPad?

Ans: No, this trick works on PC with iTunes software as a major Application.

2. Do I need to pay the amount for Creating iTunes Account?

Ans: No it’s absolutely free. Apple only asks for credit card details and you will be charged if any purchased like music, Apps are made using your ID.

So that was all about creating a free Apple account on iTunes without credit card. Hope you found your all answers. For any queries, feel free to ask via comment section.